PKmud is a free-to-play text game entirely devoted to Player vs. Player competition in a DikuMUD setting.

There is no "levelling" in the game. All players have maximum level stats, and engage entirely in PvP activities.

A typical game commences when a player types the "start" command, engaging a short countdown. At the beginning of the game, players race around the world collecting pieces of equipment that enhance their effectiveness. These are collected from level 1 NPCs in both stock Diku and custom zones. When a player feels prepared, he or she will stop collecting items and track down other players in the match to defeat them. The match ends when one player remains standing, or the timer runs out. Most matches are over within 30 minutes.

The game has been up since 1994. We will respond and correct any technical issues. We may also be willing to implement small features per player request.

Contact: pkmud <at>


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Play the game (telnet 5000)

You can connect to the game using the telnet application built into your computer. Your play experience may be enhanced by using a 3rd party client. We have included links to several below:
tintin++ - an open source full featured MUD client
PuTTY - a lightweight terminal program. use telnet mode.
MUD Client list on the MUD Connector