PKmud - Zones

The majority of zones in PKmud are indeed common zones that you've seen in countless other DikuMUDs. This is intentional as it shortens the learning curve for experienced Diku players, letting them spend less time exploring the map and more time fighting other players.

Notes on a selection of zones are included below.

Zone Author Notes
Arachnos Mahatma The lair of the spider queen Arachnos sits in a tree on the Western end of the forest of Haon-Doar. The magical inhabitants of this labyrinth of web are said to carry wonderful treasures.
It was once heard that the Arachnos herself carries one of the drow black longswords.
Castle Dredd Borlak The ancient castle ruled by King Dredd lies just outside the Western edge of Kerofk. Odd magics are at work within the castle, creating equipment which can be highly beneficial, in the right situation, and quite detrimental in another. One would be advised to keep their wits active with the castle's bounty.
Draconia Wench The court of the Draconian Kings may be found to the north of the Mines of Moria.
Drow City Rorschach? The Mysterious dark elves called drow live in a cavern which can be reached from the river passing from Hell to the Great Eastern Desert. These elves control the secret of creating adamantite, a very strong metal, and are known to create weapons with innate magical affects.
The spider dagger and black longsword have been given poison and blackmantle procedures, respectively, as well as there being a helm with the ability to detect invis.
Kerofk C.A.W. Kerofk is a quaint farming village to the North of Hell. Kerofk is a central point of the world, as roads to Hell, Ys, and New Thalos all meet at it's Town Square. However, the town has a dark secret, where the mage Mouserider has constructed a ghastly sequence of tunnels beneath the temple.
The War Ribbon carried by Kervin is arguably the best disarming weapon in the game.
New Thalos SillyMUD The coastal town of New Thalos borders the Dragon Sea, and is directly next to the Great Eastern Desert. Many unusual shops can be found within, selling anything from armor to potions of sanctuary.
Also of note, the Guild of Darkfriends can be found connected to the Filthy Unicorn tavern in New Thalos.
Thalos Darkside The once great city of Thalos lies ruined near the Great Eastern Desert. It is said powerful magics are at work keeping the cities' protectors at work in the towers, albeit ineffectively, even to this day, and even as the city is infested with lamia.
The Elemental Canyon Raff The Elemental Rulers can be found within, assuming the would-be pilferer can scale the mountain and get past the cyclops that likes to eat pilferers... If packing a sharp sword, head south from the Eastern gate of Hell to reach this region.
The elementals have access to powerful elemental magic, which is embodied in both strong armor, and in various magical devices a willing magic-user can acquire.
The Great Eastern Desert ? The Great Eastern Desert lies on the Eastern edge of the continent, just South of New Thalos. There are, perhaps, other places that can be reached from the desert, if one can avoid chasing a mirage for days.
The Guild of Darkfriends Kelvik The Guild of Darkfriends is an organization of thieves and mercenaries based in New Thalos. Rumour has it their guild can be access through the Filthy Unicorn, a tavern on Eastern Main Street. One of their key assets is access to myterious eog, a substance that can be fashioned into deadly armor and weaponry.
The zone is organized as a tower. There are a good number of aggressive creatures in the zone, making passing through it especially annoying, however, the bodyguards and assassins in the onyx corridors and by their grandmaster pay for the trip, providing damage roll equipment with a fair amount of physical protection.
The High Tower of Sorcery Skylar The High Tower of Sorcery is an organization of magicians that base their operation in a tower hidden in a shadowed grove somewhere in the Western side of the Haon-Doar forest. They control a wide array of magickal implements, and can be assumed to have a good stock of such items.
The zone is a spiraling tower. A quickly moving character would likely ignore the many side rooms which contain lesser magicians working on obscure items, and go directly to the greater in power masters of magic at the top of the tower, who have a variety of protective and destructive items.
The Mines of Moria Diku Once, long ago, the dwarves mined the mountain... but the goblins took over. Oh well, that isn't your problem.
The Old Marsh GenericMUD The marsh can be found near the river in the forest of Haon-Doar. Various breeds of ugly humanoid haunt the area, and a monstrous frog-like being watches over them all, carrying a giant scythe.
The Rogues Guild Terror The Rogues Guild is hidden somewhere near the river in the forest of Haon-Doar. It is said that the organization has not only skilled weaponsmiths capable of creating brutally efficient equipment, but skilled alchemists, who can provide the savvy adventurer useful potions for almost any situation.
The Sea of Jawan Jawan The Sea of Jawan can be reached by ship out of the harbor of the port city Ys. Anything from pirates to ancient spirits of evil can be found on the islands spotting the sea.
The pirates of the sea drink heavily in their hideaway, and if you can stop 'em without breakin' their bottle, it could be quite useful. The supernatural beings inhabiting the sea are told to have weapons of reasonable power. In addition, to reach the minotaur city of Mahn-Tor, you must successfully navigate the sea.
The Sewer Redferne The sewer can be reached either from the guilds of Hell, or through a grate in the Threadbare Quarter of Ys. A variety of beasties, both powerful and weak, can be found here. It is said a group of Illithid (Mindflayers), and a great red dragon make their homes under the quiet town, and many an adventurer has probably left his hard-earned equipment to be scavenged by the likes of just about anyone willing to risk their own worthless life.
The red dragon loads a full complement of damage roll equipment, and the backstabber, short sword that seems to find it's target on it's own, can be found nearby.
The Shire Poohbear The Shire is a small village of halflings near the city of Hell. The halfling that lives at Bag End seems to have found a mysterious ring, and a rather sharp short sword. The other babbling buffoons can't stop talking about him.
Twist (Miko's Castle) Twist The entrance to the Hell where destroyed souls go can be reached going west on the river from the City of Hell. Ruling over the castle are Miko, and her 4 devilish consorts Baalzebub, Bael, Dispater, and Moloch. All that is evil gives power to that which can be gained here, resulting in both powerful magic and mundane equipment.
One item of note, the ice tridents wielded by the ice devils are especially good at removing the fireshield enchantment from mages inclined to use such methods.