PKmud - Personal Enchantments

Spell Name Affect Duration
armor -15 to AC 24
bless +1 hitroll

-1 save v spell

detect evil detects evil aligned characters 24
detect hidden detects hiding characters 24
detect invis detects invisible characters 150
detect magic detects magical items 24
farsee allows caster to see into next room 60
fireshield any attacker doing physical attacks takes

damage equivalent to what they inflict.

fly character may pass over water, and

does not trip on snares.

improved invis caster is completely undetectable

this spell remains if caster enters combat.

infravision allows caster to see in the dark 60
invis caster becomes invisible.

this spell collapses if caster enters combat.

invulnerability the next time the caster would be damaged, that damage is reduced to zero. 20-50
no summon character is unsummonable 6
pass door character may go through doors 7
protection from evil damage from evil sources is reduced by 25% 24
sanctuary damage from all sources is halved 5
shield -15 to AC 24
stone skin -15 to AC 12
strength adds 2 to strength

double duration and affect if Alterer

tower of id all damage to the caster is reduced by 10 6