PKmud - Other Spells

Spell Name Affect Duration Notes
become rambo hit points divided by 3

damage roll +40


6 ticks.

not castable by players
change sex changes gender of victim 300
continual light creates a ball of light
control weather makes weather become rainy or clear

used in combination with call lightning

create food creates a magic mushroom
create spring creates a tiny fountain 30
create water fills a drink container
detect poison checks an object for poison
dragon power assigns character subset of dragon skills permanent dragon class casts once per war.
enchant weapon gives non-magic weapon hitroll and damage roll bonuses of 1-3. permanent
faerie fog reveals all hidden or invisible characters
gate moves caster to victim's room.

only works on PCs

identify /

improved identify

give statistics on an item every player can cast this free.
know alignment determines alignment of victim
locate object finds occurences of objects with the given keyword in their namelist locating corpses and potions can be useful
teleport moves caster to a random room don't use it too much.. no way to win
ventriloquate makes victim appear to say something
word of recall moves caster back to Ys