PKmud - Non-Combat Skills

hide Falls off if you type anything.

Every time a player attempts to see you, hide skill is checked.

If you have 90% hide, and a player looks 10 times, you'll probably be seen once.

peek Attempts to view a character's inventory.

Automatic when you look at a character.

pick lock Attempts to pick a locked door.

All doors are pickable.

Failing is irrelevant. Try enough times, and it will open.

read magic Required to read scrolls.
smoke bomb Renders the room "dark" to everyone but a ninja.
sneak Attempts to move around silently.

Checked on every move.

steal Steals from inventory.

Thief class can steal worn containers.

track Detects the most recent in-war character to pass through the room.

Tracks are not cleared between wars.

use staffs

use wands

Required to use wands and staves.