PKmud - Combat Skills

archery Ranged attack.

Must wield a bow and wear a quiver.

Only the bow and arrows affect damage.

Damage roll does not affect damage, hunt early.

backstab +4 hitroll bonus.

Must succeed for backstab percent AND hitroll.

*5 damage for thief, *7 for assassin.

Takes double damage from fireshield.

bash Only skill affects success.

Must be wielding a weapon and wearing a shield.

Blindness halves chance of bashing.

Only skill affects success.

and finally, only skill affects success.

caltrops Leaves damaging caltrops on the ground.

Flying people don't hit caltrops.

disarm Requires disarm weapon, except for monk.

Monk's disarm may destroy weapon with 25% chance.

Only skill affects success.

dodge Automatic in combat.

Must be standing.

enhanced damage Adds percentage of enhanced damage to every physical attack.

Enhanced damage does not "kick in."

kick Only affected by skill.

Monks kick has 30% chance to destroy some equipment.

parry Automatic in combat.

Must be standing and wielding a weapon.

rescue Useful for stealing kills. Not much else.
second attack Automatic in combat.
snare /


Knocks opponent down, similar to bash.

Flying people don't hit snares.