PKmud - Character Classes

The specific skill sets of each character class can be tuned within the game, and are often adjusted to maintain class balance. A list of available classes can be seen in-game with the "cview" command. Typing the same command with an argument ("cview cleric") will display a list of statistics and skills for that class.

Brief descriptions of some classes and strategy hints are listed below.


The anti-paladin is a fighter with minimal offensive magic skills, in addition to several rogue-like skills. The blindness ability allows the anti-paladin to temporary render a victim blind, then finish his dirty work with average backstab skills.


Archer is a class that should only be played by experienced players. Due to using primarily ranged attacks, and the fact that fights with an archer could take a large amount of time, the archer does not recieve any bonus from hit or damage roll equipment. Damage for the archer is 3 times the bow's damage. The archer's goal, from the start of the war, should be to immediately begin to harass his victims, or there is a good chance of the match ending with no winner.


The assassin is the master of quick kills. Although physically weak, the assassin's knowledge of where to place a blade marks him the most likely class to achieve one-hit kills. Because of their low health pool, this class is recommended for experienced players.


The barbarian is slightly more formidable than the warrior when it comes to pure offensive power. Due to the barbarian's absolute refusal to deal with anything magical, his benefit from equipment is often severly limited. His distaste of magic also means that potions and magical blood have no affect on him.


The cleric's skills are built around healing and preventing damage to himself. The cleric is especially vulnerable to the blackmantle spell, which prevents all forms of healing.


Loosely inspired by the classic AD&D Dark Sun campaign, the defiler is capable of casting every spell in the game, both magical and divine. To balance this, the defiler has the lowest health pool in the game, and his mana does not replenish naturally. This class is restricted to experienced players.


The dragon class is actually 5 classes in one. When a match begins, the first thing a dragon should do is cast 'dragon power', which will assign a subset of dragon skills to the character. Although some of these sets are considered weaker, the dragon has enough physical combat ability to handle many situations.


The mage is the master of all non-clerical magics. Though not as proficient at some spells as the specialist mage classes, the mage can do just about anything reasonably well. The most potent weapon in the magic-user's arsenal is the fireball spell.


The ninja is the jack of all trades. The ninja's backstab has medium power, and is complemented by the invulernability spell to stab through fireshields without taking damage. The additional skills of tracking, colour spray, smoke bombs, and limited healing make the ninja one of the most versatile classes in the game.


The paladin has physical combat abilities a bit below that of the warrior, but has the benefit of being able to heal and protect himself with a subset of the cleric's toolset.


The psionicist uses his strength of will to mentally subdue his opponents. This strength allows him to heal his own wounds, prevent himself from taking serious injuries, and forcibly attack his foes.


The ranger is a strong fighter with a few additional tricks up his or her sleeve. The ranger has stealth, curative, and protective skills, in addition to the ability to leave lines about in attempt to ensnare his victims.


The thief is often the best comeback character class in the game. Although known for his backstab and stealth, the thief's strongest skill is in fact his thievery.


The warrior is the ultimate physical damage machine. The absolute best in blocking blows, striking, and preventing their opponent from doing anything, the warrior must always be considered a fearsome opponent.