PKmud - Spec Procs

M  1100 spec_cast_mage          Wizard
M  1101 spec_poison             keeper
M  1110 spec_guard              shiriff
M  1111 spec_guard              shiriff
M  1112 spec_guard              Thain
M  1116 spec_cast_mage          elf
M  1117 spec_cast_mage          dwarf
M  1121 spec_guard              battlemaster
M  1122 spec_thief              youth
M  1132 spec_guard              shiriff
W  1105 spec_inviso             one ring

The above is the specials section from The Shire.

"#SPECIALS" denotes the beginning of a specials section, and is required.

There are several types of special procedures (as they were designed pretty poorly, and I've been too lazy to install improved spec proc code I wrote for other MUDs...), which are denoted by different letters.

The syntax of every line is "<command> <VNUM> <special_name>"

"*" is a comment line, and anything beyond the special name is a comment.

"S" denotes the end of the specials section, and is required.

M denotes a mobile special. These procedures are automatic and only behave automatically.

I denotes an interactive mobile special. These procedures can react to what players type.

Wdenotes a wear procedure on an item. It takes affect when a player wears or removes an item.

O denotes an interactive object special, which can react to what players type.

R denotes a room special, which can be reactive.

Mob specials:

spec_breath_any, spec_breath_acid, spec_breath_fire, spec_breath_frost, spec_breath_gas, spec_breath_lightning

spec_cast_adept, spec_cast_cleric, spec_cast_judge, spec_cast_mage, spec_cast_undead

spec_fido, spec_guard, spec_janitor, spec_mayor, spec_poison, spec_thief

spec_hunter_killer, spec_thief_hunter, spec_assassin_hunter, spec_scout, spec_dog_of_war

Interactive mob specials:


Wear functions:

spec_inviso, spec_fly, spec_sanct, spec_detect_invis, spec_albert_ring

Object functions:

spec_xyzzy, spec_dragon_slayer, spec_poison_weapon, spec_cleric_biter, spec_frost_blade, spec_regenerater

spec_snare, spec_smoke, spec_caltrops, spec_trap

Room functions:

spec_dump, spec_scouts_guild