PKmud - Skill Info

slot spell potion color arrow color
0 reserved (no spell) bug bug
1 armor brown brown
322 banish item banish item banish item
305 blackmantle lumpy black black
3 bless white white
4 blindness black black
5 burning hands burning red burning red
6 call lightning neon blue neon blue
63 cause critical blazing pink blazing pink
62 cause light light pink light pink
64 cause serious hot pink hot pink
82 change sex pink pink
7 charm person squishy squishy
8 chill touch freezing freezing
10 colour spray rainbow rainbow
316 confusion backwards backwards
57 continual light bright bright
11 control weather bug bug
12 create food edible edible
80 create spring liquidy liquidy
13 create water liquidy liquidy
14 cure blindness burgundy burgundy
15 cure critical orange orange
16 cure light pink pink
43 cure poison aquamarine aquamarine
61 cure serious pinkish orange pinkish orange
17 curse black black
328 dancing sword bug bug
300 death spray black black
18 detect evil beige beige
44 detect hidden orange orange
19 detect invis yellow yellow
20 detect magic amber amber
21 detect poison bug bug
22 dispel evil holy holy
310 dispel good evil evil
59 dispel magic fuscia fuscia
23 earthquake shakin shakin
312 ego whip you you
24 enchant weapon bug bug
327 energy drain grey grey
72 faerie fire hot pink hot pink
73 faerie fog purple purple
309 farsee shiny shiny
26 fireball golden golden
307 fireshield flaming flaming
65 flamestrike blazing blazing
56 fly airy airy
83 gate bug bug
27 harm blue blue
28 heal blue blue
70 ice storm frozen frozen
308 identify bug bug
329 illusory appearance wavering wavering
53 improved identify bug bug
306 improved invis utterly transparent utterly transparent
77 infravision red red
29 invis clear clear
317 invulnerability creamy creamy
58 know alignment bug bug
30 lightning bolt neon blue neon blue
31 locate object bug bug
32 magic missile shiny shiny
69 mass invis clear clear
303 miracle lumpy black lumpy black
301 no summon heavy heavy
74 pass door translucent translucent
323 phantasmal weaponry sparkling sparkling
33 poison green green
34 protection (from evil) dull white dull white
313 psionic blast psychadelic psychadelic
325 reflect bright bright
35 remove curse black black
36 sanctuary purple purple
67 shield brown brown
37 shocking grasp electric electric
100 silence dull grey dull grey
38 sleep light blue starry
101 slow viscous dull grey
66 stone skin stony stony
39 strength silver silver
40 summon bug bug
2 teleport shiny shiny
311 tower of id flat flat
25 vampiric touch blood red blood red
41 ventriloquate bug bug
326 void aura black black
68 weaken dull silver dull silver
42 word of recall clear red clear red
200 acid breath acidic acidic
201 fire breath firey firey
202 frost breath frosty frosty
203 gas breath smelly smelly
204 lightning breath neon blue neon blue
314 ki release radiant radiant
324 steal enchantment buggy buggy
501 general purpose lead lead
502 high explosive heavy metal heavy metal
302 dragon power scaly scaly
304 become rambo potent potent
315 smoke bomb smoky smoky