PKmud - Mobiles

elven wizard~
the Elven Wizard~
An Elven Wizard is here, creating fireworks for the festivities.
The Elven Wizard looks at you in a solemn sort of way. His gaze seems to
penetrate through your innermost being. He is wearing a silvery cloak
and holding a multi-colored staff.  Although he appears to be older
than the oldest man, he seems to have an inner strength which most mortals
cannot overcome.
2|64 8 500 P
2 1
ring keeper~
the Keeper of the Ring~
The Keeper of the Ring is here, guarding his treasure jealously.
The Ring Keeper is a rather big but short halfling.  His short stature and
bulbous nose belie his true nature. An elven sword that glows with a blue
light hangs from his belt, and on his finger you see the One Ring. Although
usually a halfling of peace, he will fight you to the death if you attempt
to take away that which belongs to him.
2|64 2|8 0 P
3 1

The above is a portion of the mobiles section from The Shire.

"#MOBILES" belongs at the beginning of every mobiles section. It is possible to have more than one mobiles section in an area file, but it is not recommended. (So use only one.)

"#1100" is the virtual number (VNUM) for the elven wizard. This number must be unique from all other mobiles in all other zones. It is generally considered good style to number your zone QQ00 through QQ99, allowing the admin to use a cut and paste utility to replace QQ with an available number at the time he installs your zone.

"elven wizard" is the mobile's namelist. These are the words which players can type to interact with this mobile. The tilde (~) is required.

"the Elven Wizard" is the mobile's short description. This is the description which will be shown in situations such as combat, with socials, etc. The tilde is required.

"An elven wizard is here, creating fireworks for the festivities." is the mobile's long description, which is what is shown when a player types look in the same room as the mobile. The tilde is required.

The next, longer string is the mobile's description, which is shown to players when they look at the mobile. Because you're building for PKmud, this string is not critical, and may be quite short. The tilde is required.

"2|64" is the mobile's ACT bits, and defines it's behavior. See the table below for values.

"8" is the mobile's AFFECT bits, and defines what spell type affects it has built in. See the table below.

"500" is the mobile's alignment, and only affects the game by changing a players alignment when he goes to wear aligned equipment, or to have dispel evil cast upon him.

"P" is a letter which tells the game we are using extra simple mobiles. A few other letters are processed, but are no longer fully supported, so use P.

"2" is the mobile's level. Players are level 30. Typical mobiles should be level 1-3. If you wish to put cityguard like mobs to detect invis in your zone, they should be around level 10. Shopkeepers should be around level 40.

"1" is the mobile's gender. 0 = neutral. 1 = male. 2 = female.

"#0" denotes the end of the mobiles section, and is required.

ACT bits table.

bit #define description
1 ACT_IS_NPC Automatic. Unnecessary.
2 ACT_SENTINEL Mobile does not move.
4 ACT_SCAVENGER Mobile picks up items.
32 ACT_AGGRESSIVE Mobile attacks players
64 ACT_STAY_AREA Mobile will not wander into other zones.
128 ACT_WIMPY Mobile will flee when hurt.

AFFECT bits table.

bit #define description
2 AFF_INVISIBLE Mobile is invisible
8 AFF_DETECT_INVIS Mobile sees invis characters and objects.
32 AFF_DETECT_HIDDEN Mobile sees hidden characters.
64 AFF_NO_SUMMON Mobile can not be summoned.
128 AFF_SANCTUARY Mobile is affected by sanctuary.
512 AFF_INFRARED Mobile sees in the dark.
2048 AFF_FIRESHIELD Mobile is fireshielded.
8192 AFF_PROTECT Mobile is affected by protection from evil.
32768 AFF_SNEAK Mobile is sneaking.
65536 AFF_HIDE Mobile is hiding.
524288 AFF_FLYING Mobile can fly.
1048576 AFF_PASS_DOOR Mobile can go through closed doors.
4194304 AFF_BLACKMANTLE Mobile does not regen.
16777216 AFF_TOWERID Mobile is affected by tower of id.
67108864 AFF_INVULNERABILITY Mobile is affected by invulnerability.