PKmud - Area Headers

#AREA Poohbear~
The Shire~
1 100

The above is the header for The Shire.

The "#AREA" keyword is required, and tells the game that it is the beginning of the area header, which is required to be in every area.

"Poohbear" is the author of the zone. The tilde (~) character is required.

"The Shire" is the zone name. The tilde (~) character is required.

"1" is a set of area bits. These bits determine properties of the area as shown in the table below.

"100" is the percentage chance that the zone will be accessible in any given war.

Area bit table.

bit #define Description.
1 AREA_CRITICAL This zone must always be accessible.
2 AREA_NEVER This zone is never accessible in war.
4 AREA_DISABLED Internal. Do not use.
8 AREA_NO_START Players can not start in this zone.
16 AREA_NOSHOW Area does not appear on areas command.

Use for connector zones.